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About the system


FINCANTIERI-Suppliers is the FINCANTIERI e-procurement System created to support procurement activities between the Company and its Suppliers.

The system provides a great opportunity for the suppliers to introduce their activities to FINCANTIERI, one of the biggest European shipbuilding companies. A totally free-of-charge instrument for your company's internal organization to achieve new levels of productivity and profitability - and to leave behind outdated processes and systems that may be soon holding back your company's growth. FINCANTIERI-Suppliers connects FINCANTIERI and his suppliers in a secure yet open environment.

Here's how to subscribe your company to the system FINCANTIERI-Suppliers. Your company benefits from a streamlined interface for transacting with FINCANTIERI. A subscribed supplier access to the complete FINCANTIERI-Suppliers toolset - powerful, user-friendly e-procurement and communication resources that should be also seamlessly integrated into existing accounting, procurement and ERP systems. FINCANTIERI-Suppliers assists your company by providing a standardized online platform for business development, a secure environment for collaboration, and a more efficient communication channel among buyers, technical experts and suppliers. To become a FINCANTIERI-Suppliers subscribed supplier, simply read the instructions in the Registration section.


Main advantages

FINCANTIERI-Suppliers aims at achieving a true win-win relationship between FINCANTIERI and Supplier Companies. Our solutions allow you to concentrate on the activities that matter most: your relationships with your trading partners and your success.

Both Buyer and Supplier will benefit from making transactions and communication easier, faster and more cost-efficient.

When joining the FINCANTIERI-Suppliers System, your company will gain the following main benefits:

  • Cost reduction: streamlined and simplified processes. Reduced business cycle timing. Improvement in effectiveness and efficiency of your Company.
  • Simpler and Clearer communication: FINCANTIERI-Suppliers standardises and streamlines communication among Suppliers and FINCANTIERI, in particular with Buyers or Technical Departments experts. Forms, questionnaires and correspondence on paper are often burdensome. The System ensures clearer communication and increased efficiency and effectiveness for your company.
  • Global Reach: the international position of FINCANTIERI enables FINCANTIERI-Suppliers subscribed supplier across the world to work better. As soon as you connect to FINCANTIERI-Suppliers, time constraints, language differences, or cultural barriers will no longer limit transactions and communication. FINCANTIERI-Suppliers global reach will connect your Company to the right Buyers, making business flow more efficient and reducing costs along the way.


FINCANTIERI-Suppliers: functions

According to the objective set by FINCANTIERI of improving the relationships with Suppliers, FINCANTIERI-Suppliers features are developed in order to manage the following processes:

  1. Marketing
  2. Request For Quotation Management
  3. Purchase Order


1. Marketing: the request of registration, free of charge and open to all Suppliers, is a powerful way to increase your Company's visibility towards FINCANTIERI. In fact, all data collected through the Registration Form will be stored in a specific database available to all FINCANTIERI Buyers.


2. Request for Quotation management: becoming a subscribed supplier your company will be able to participate in the Request for Quotation submitted by FINCANTIERI to the suppliers through the System. Your company will reply simply by publishing your best offer. Security and confidentiality are guaranteed.


3. Purchase Order: as a subscribed supplier you will be able to get purchasing orders and documentation through FINCANTIERI-Suppliers.


Technical Requirements

The technical requirements of the FINCANTIERI-Suppliers System are quite simple: you need to be connected to Internet and to install a modern web browser.


Security and privacy policy

The website uses the 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer protocol in order to guarantee the needed confidentiality to all data being transmitted. This protocol is widely used for banking and commercial operations (i.e. Internet Banking and Internet Trading). All information on this system is gathered in compliance to all applicable laws.



FINCANTIERI-Suppliers system aims to welcome both potential and consolidated marine and naval suppliers, that are:

  • willing to offer their products and services to FINCANTIERI;
  • prepared to use this modern Internet tool, in order to be constantly connected with FINCANTIERI.


Three steps are required to actively transact through the FINCANTIERI-Suppliers system.


First step: on-line registration application is needed to provide some initial information about your Company. Registration detailed procedures are explained in the Registration section of this website.


Second Step: registration to FINCANTIERI-Suppliers is not automatic. It is a process carried out under the responsibility of FINCANTIERI and, for the safety of all parties, is constrained by:

  • the validation by FINCANTIERI of the data reported in the registration form,
  • the acceptance by FINCANTIERI of the hard copy of the Agreement for the use of the FINCANTIERI-Suppliers System signed by the Supplier.


Third step: in order to carry out the registration FINCANTIERI sends by email to Supplier the username and the password. The Supplier may begin to be active within the FINCANTIERI-Suppliers System by modifying his password.