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FINCANTIERI, heir to the great tradition of Italian shipbuilding, is today one of the largest groups in the world in the design and construction of merchant and naval vessels.

The company's core business is the construction of complex ships with high technological content such as cruise ships and large ferries.

Moreover, it is the reference builder in the naval field providing a wide range of ship types including surface vessels (frigates, corvettes, patrol vessels etc.) and submarines. FINCANTIERI sets out to be a partner to ship owners and to the defence sector with innovative, tailor-made products backed by a high service level.

The company's wide ranging engineering expertise and capacity to build prototypes enable it to take up new opportunities on the market by developing tailor-made products.


In the field of ship repairs and conversions, especially for passenger ships and offshore vessels, FINCANTIERI provides services worldwide and organises interventions to be carried out at its own facilities or at third party facilities with the aim of reducing the amount of time the ship is out of service and in accordance with customer requirements.
It develops and builds naval systems (stabilisers, solutions and components for propulsion and power generation etc.), industrial turbines, as well as diesel engines, for both marine and industrial application through its subsidiary Isotta Fraschini Motori.

The company also draws on its expertise to create complex, high value designs for the luxury niche market of mega yachts of over 70 metres.


Competencies and values

  • Co-presence in naval and merchant shipbuilding enables the company to transfer best practices from one sector to the other, thereby creating a virtuous circle of technologies, product quality and cost containment;
  • FINCANTIERI's competencies as prime contractor and integrator, essential to develop complex projects, draw on a wide-ranging, qualified supply network which is actively involved in achieving excellence;
  • Constant attention to innovation, which is developed through a dedicated structure - Cetena, approximately 1,000 technical staff, alongside a number of key suppliers, ensure that the company is at the cutting edge of technological developments;
  • A large pool of specialists, managed by professionals, enable the company to face the organisational complexity and dynamic nature of the external environment;
  • A streamlined production model, based on the philosophy of "one large, flexible shipyard", guarantees a homogeneous quality standard of excellence;
  • Determination to keep its leadership and explore new business opportunities setting its competencies to work in synergy with those of qualified partners is synonymous with excellence in enterprise.


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