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What we buy

Product Group classification in PDF format


The FINCANTIERI-Suppliers e-procurement system employs a specific Product Group Classification (PGT).


How does a Company inform about the products and services on offer

The goal of such Classification is to allow all Suppliers to convey information regarding the products and services offered.

Through the Product Group Classification (PGT) the Suppliers will be able to understand what categories of goods and services FINCANTIERI is interested in purchasing and may therefore select those of interest.

FINCANTIERI, in turn, may ask the Supplier additional information in order to get a deeper understanding of that specific company's potentialities.

It is compulsory to provide through the Registration application form all the information relevant to the products and services offered.

To this aim, we recommend to thoroughly examine the Product Group Classification (PGT) before filling in the Registration Application Form. It will be possible to download the PGT in PDF format.