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Registration 1/4 - Overview

Registration Application Form in PDF format


This section provides all the information required to proceed with the registration to the e-procurement system FINCANTIERI-Suppliers ("System").


Browser requirements

To take full advantage of the features offered by FINCANTIERI-Suppliers system, a modern web browser is required, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or a subsequent version, or FireFox 3.x with the High Encryption Pack (128 bit).


STEP 1: Registration application

The registration application is carried out through an online form that the supplier will be asked to fill in providing all the information needed regarding his Company. Our suggestion, in order to register the Company properly, is to download the PDF file of the registration application form and to print it, gather all data required when offline. Then go back online and fill in the registration form. We inform that the session has a time out fixed in 30 minutes. If the Supplier has received an invitation e-mail to register by a FINCANTIERI Buyer, he has to include the Invitation code, found in the e-mail, in the appropriate field of the form.

The application form includes a compulsory special field relevant to product group classification which must be filled in. We suggest to carefully examine the Product Group Classification (PGT) before proceeding with the registration application. On the Home Page of the system, in the "What we buy" section, a classification of the products usually purchased by FINCANTIERI is displayed and available in PDF format for download. The choice of the product groups, will enable FINCANTIERI Buyers to better understand the supplier's potentialities and peculiarities.


STEP 2: Subscription of Agreement for the use of the FINCANTIERI-Suppliers system

Our Buyers may get in touch with potential Suppliers to get more information about their activity on the basis of the preliminary information collected through the registration application form. When the buyer will get all the information required he will send to the supplier the Agreement for the use of the FINCANTIERI-Suppliers system. The Subscription process will be completed when FINCANTIERI will have received by post an hard copy of the Agreement for the use of the FINCANTIERI-Suppliers system, signed by the supplier.


STEP 3: Registration process completion

FINCANTIERI, once verified the Subscription of Agreement for the use of the FINCANTIERI-Suppliers system, will issue by e-mail to a representative of the requesting Company a username and password to enable to access the System. The Registration process will be complete when the Supplier will have accessed the System's private area for the first time, and when the temporary password has been changed. As soon as the Supplier will be registered into the System, he will be requested to provide additional information and corporate details ("Profile"). Only the Supplier is allowed to modify his data. This information will help FINCANTIERI gain a deeper and clearer understanding of the Supplier's reference business and of future commercial opportunities.